Tipi Materials Used

Tipis are made using Australian poly/cotton blend canvas which has been water and mould-proofed.  12 oz. canvas is used for the main cover and 8 oz. for the lining.

Every care is taken to make sure your tipi will last!  All stress points such as door, tie and peg points have been reinforced for extra strength and durability.

Poles are individually sourced and cut from plantation timber. They are of Corsican pine, which we believe provide the best combination of strength, lightness and beauty.

Tipi Pitching

The most common question people ask is "how did you tie the rope up there?".  Well, it's very simple.  The first step is to tie the three main poles together on the ground and then erect them into a standing tripod. From there it's just a matter of slotting in the remaining poles in sequence, and then walking the rope from the original tripod around the rest of the poles about 3 or 4 times.  Then peg the rope to the ground for extra support.

Always remember to mark your tie points on the poles (saving you guess work the second time around) by placing the poles on a half folded outstretched tipi cover.  The door pole is placed along the tipi door - where the pole touches the smoke flap opening is where you make your tie mark. Allow six inches of pole to extend past the tipi base as the tipi cover should always be at least six inches above the ground.  The north and south poles are laid three quarters of the way along the base and marked at the smoke flap opening.

The next step is to erect the cover.  This is done by tying the cover to the lifting pole, then erecting it into place at the back of the tipi.  The cover is then unfurled around the tipi, both left and right, then joined at the door by the lacing pins and pegged to the ground.  The lining is attached to a cord that is tied to each pole in succession inside the tipi, then pegged to the ground.

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